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Who Okayed This? (19 Kids and Counting edition)

Michelle Duggar preps the troops for Holy War.

I have spent the past five months that I haven’t been blogging developing theories on the popularity of this show.

1) People have realized that Kate Gosselin, TV’s other mother-of-many, is really mean and potentially insane. And she was on Dancing with the Stars. She was very quickly transformed from relatable-middle-class-overworked-mother to there’s-no-way-I-can-feel-bad-for-you-now-TV star. Now she’s no longer “one of us,” she’s “one of them” and she has people after her over child labour laws and she was at the Emmys and she gets her teeth whitened all the time. (This is obviously an example of celebrity culture’s love of building someone up so they can tear them down but that’s another post.) Michelle Duggar will never be at the Emmys. She doesn’t let her children watch TV or attend school with people other than their own siblings and the only way she would ever dance on television would be behind a modesty curtain or something. She will always be the slightly harried, somewhat pitiable mother-of-many.

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Who Okayed This? (TLC edition #1)

Michelle Duggar wears white, stays modest!

Michelle Duggar explores fashion, wears white, stays modest!

For my first edition of “Who Okayed This,” (a segment in which I try to comprehend the logic of people in high-powered decision making positions who make  stupid and inadvisable  decisions) I will attempt to tackle the monstrosity that is TLC. Did you know that “TLC’ is supposed to stand for “The Learning Channel”? I’m sure you did know that, but even still I am going to point out how stupid it is because I promise no one has ever learned anything from that channel except for maybe something about how a pointed shoe and a wide legged trouser are somehow supposed to look good together or about how there are more midgets (yes, yes… “little people,” I know) than you might imagine who are willing to have all the minutia of their lives documented for a reality television show.

So yes, this channel is supposed to be about learning, and I suppose, a few years back they still kind of pretended that’s what it was about. I spent about ten minutes (a long time to look for something on the internet!) trying to find the old theme song to “A Baby Story” on youtube. I was unsuccessful, and it was not supposed to illustrate anything about learning but more about how GHETTO that network was before Kate Gosselin and her disaster of a family made them bazillions of dollars. If anyone remembers it, then you know of what I speak. I think the final line of that theme song was “Years may come and go/ but there’s one thing I know/ love is all there is when I’m with you” and this song accompanied a decapitated pregnant lady stroking her stomach behind while wearing some weird pregnancy negligee all in the softest focus you’ve ever seen… I swear to god this woman had no borders to her skin.

But that was then, and I can’t even believe I’m NOSTALGIC for that garbage. But there is a good reason why this is the case, and that reason is TLC’s current line-up, which includes the following:

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