Topeka, Kansas Considers Decriminalizing Domestic Violence to Save Money, Becomes the Embodiment of the Banality of Evil

Well this is godamn ridiculous. The Topeka, Kansas city council is debating whether to DECRIMINALIZE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in order to save money.

Feministing has already posted a great breakdown of the details here, but the short version is that the city is playing a giant game of chicken with the county over who will cover the cost of prosecuting these cases. And there’s not much at risk, only you know, women’s lives. Since September 8th, when they stopped filing domestic battery charges, the county has already released sixteen people who were arrested on domestic assault charges, and turned back a staggering 30 domestic violence cases.

And I get it, there’s a recession and no one has any money and Steve Jobs just died and people are scared that the entire world is completely screwed. But I can think of better ways to save money. How about changing your drug laws so you’re not incarcerating millions of people for petty non-violent crimes for years and years, at great expense to the government?


File this under: things that make my brain explode.


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